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Brian Ortega Prays for Max Holloway's Health, 'I Really Do Care About You'

Posted December 5, 2018 under Sports

Brian Ortega

I Pray for Max Holloway’s Health

‘I Really Do Care About You’

12/5/2018 3:36 PM PST

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Emotional moment between Brian Ortega and his UFC 231 opponent, Max Holloway — when Ortega told Max he’s been praying for him ever since the Hawaiian’s health scare back in July. 

Brian and Max are set to fight each other on Saturday — it’ll be Max’s first time in the Octagon since he backed out of UFC 226 with “concussion-like symptoms” just days before the fight. 

Holloway says he never got a clear answer about his health — so he’s launched a “private medical investigation” to find out what happened to him. 

Still, he’s been cleared to fight Ortega — and at the pre-fight press conference in Toronto on Wednesday, Brian got very serious when asked about Max’s health. 

“At the end of the day, I really do care about your health and how you are and how you’re doing,” Ortega told Holloway. 

“I know you’ve got a son. I mean, bullsh*t aside, I know we’re fighting and all that sh*t, but I do hope you’re alright.”

Ortega continued … “I pray for you. Swear to god.”

The crowd cheered and Holloway appeared to thank Ortega for the kind words. 

See, it doesn’t ALWAYS have to be nasty … 

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